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Batman Arkham Origins Preliminary Review Reviewed by Momizat on . Game informer' s magazine announced a couple days ago about the new batman part โ€ Arkham Origins โ€. Initial review of the magazine has not yet been issued, but Game informer' s magazine announced a couple days ago about the new batman part โ€ Arkham Origins โ€. Initial review of the magazine has not yet been issued, but Rating: 0
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Batman Arkham Origins Preliminary Review

Batman Arkham Origins Preliminary Review

Game informer’ s magazine announced a couple days ago about the new batman part ” Arkham Origins ”. Initial review of the magazine has not yet been issued, but many of the initial details about the game released, which can be summarized in the following points:

  • The events of the game takes place in the Christmas period at the beginning of the career of BatMan before the events of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.
  • The game is inspired by the movies:  Batman: Year One , Batman: Legends and Dark Knight .
  • Main wicked of the game is ‘Black Mask’, which he has put a major prize for those who will kill Batman.
  • Enemies will be diverse from the world of DC Universe.
  • Batman should eliminate all the enemies and solve the great puzzle about the main reason to try Black Mask killing him in any way as he wants to prove to the organization GCPD that he is on their side.
  • The game development team is a studio Warner Bros.Montreal team that worked on the Wii U version of Arkham City. The team has extensive experience in the software codes used by studio Rocksteady.
  • Developer Eric Holmes, who was working as a design manager in the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and has experience in writing a story of Transformers: Megatron has been selected to oversee the creative direction in the game as he previously worked with Epic Games and he has experience with engine Unreal Engine.


  • Rocksteady will provide technical assistance to the game engine, but WB Montreal studio will be used with the full story.
  • Working on Batman is in the prime of his youth to open the studio of personal renewal and the renewal of ideas and renewal of the characters and the world of the game.
  • Batman is not a personal known to fans before.
  • Demo showed to Game informer was extended for an hour it was Pat Mann in Jezebel Plaza nearly a weapons deal.
  • Gotham City is covered with snow and lights of Christmas.
  • Black Mask’ s assistants will fabricating crimes in the city.
  • Gotham City did not turn out to prison yet.
  • The big difference between the time periods is the whereabouts of Amusement Mile.
  • Batman tries to figure out why Black Mask wants him dead and he will use Penguin character  to get the information he wants.
  • Producer of the game (the developer Ben Mattes) says that the studio does not want to tamper with the combat system , that it is not broken do not fix it.
  • However, the combat system in the new part will provide new possibilities and new tactics and new classes.
  • A new type of enemy will force Batman to use a new movements in the fighting.
  • Batman is not fully familiar with its capabilities Sometimes when he is questioning someone he will push about it away (I mean the use of excessive violence).
  • Batman’s ability to search and mobile penetration can make him get the information he wants.


  • You can summon “Batwing” which will in turn takes you to the north-east coast, a place where Penguin run his operations but did not control the character Penguin but itself has a lot of influence in the events of the story.
  • Tools like sleeper, ledge takedowns and Glides .
  • In a particular event in the game Batman using the process of “Predator” the process will making him stronger.
  • Batman can do some acrobatics …
  • A new tool has been added to the game a “Remote Claw” a similar capture tool and drag in  Just Cause 2. whereby you capable of targeting two things in same time .
  • Of new combat tactics, you can mined barrel with grenade and then throwing it toward enemies and cut the cord by using the tool “batarang”.
  • Batman during the events of the demo finds Penguin as he spoke with Alberto Falcone, who tries to convince him to leave the trade in weapons. Penguin agreed to talk about it with his father.
  • Batman enters a fight with Penguin and questioning him by beating him of the mirrors after that Penguin talking to Batman, but before the Penguin giving information to batman attacked by a clawed plane on his ankle, which throw him out the room when he tries to get back of the room finds himself restricted, where the cause of this work main villain of the game Deathstroke.
  • WB Montreal studio wanted to tell a story through an interactive environment where the major source of inspiration for the studio is the series Sherlock
  • After previous events that took place batman using the first foreseeable to try to find out what happened to him and the source of the launch of the claw and other customary investigations by the chain.
  • Computer central emulates many of the things in the game you can see the investigations from different angles and slow motion  and even stop and save them until you find more evidence and that will help you in investigations.


  • Many issues, whether the issues of large or small issues present in over Gotham City is an opportunity to take a break from fighting in the game.
  • There are two parts in the city, old Gotham city and another area called the new Gotham city size of that area twice the size of Arkham City.
  • There s many towers in the game, These towers are preventing Batman from flying in the vicinity if you can penetrate these towers, you will be able to fly to these places without inconvenience (close to the concept of control towers in Far Cry 3).
  • There are many events that occur accidentally in the game without pre planning. For example, can save a policeman from a group of bad guys or stop a thief from stealing people’s property, where the completion of these things will affect the popularity of Batman.
  • Game has a system called “the most wanted person” makes this system to prosecute the bad guys from outside the original story of the game.
  • A new system introduced the game called “The Dark Knight system” is a system tasks different difficulty which is not a missions training but at the same time trained the players to work better and hide and sneak a better than ever before as they are this get you experience points to open a certain developments .
  • This system will not replace the system challenges and famed series.

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