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Battlefield 4 Preview Reviewed by Momizat on . After previous success of Battlefield 3, which created a gap in the world of Shooting game first-person perspective with a high-quality engine Frostbite 2.0 dev After previous success of Battlefield 3, which created a gap in the world of Shooting game first-person perspective with a high-quality engine Frostbite 2.0 dev Rating: 0
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Battlefield 4 Preview

Battlefield 4 Preview

After previous success of Battlefield 3, which created a gap in the world of Shooting game first-person perspective with a high-quality engine Frostbite 2.0 developed by DICE studio ,that was in 2011 where the EA war began with Call of Duty’ series has stated in a statement it would end this series in two years after all these additions and adding premium service after the studio and EA decided to develop a new part of the game on the current generation devices and PC.

DICE has showed us its game Battlefield 4 in exhibition GDC 2013 and presented to us a demo up to 17 minutes with spirited display an excerpt from the same video, which runs for 17 minutes and we’ll show you here in this preview all what we saw in the demo in detail.

DICE Focused in this demo on the story and most of the events are located in China, but in the title demo written “Fiishing In Baku” Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan,Which are located on the coast of the Caspian Sea, where U.S. special forces team who call themselves on radar “Tombston” a band wishes to recover a valuable piece called Intel and trying to get out but the Russians lookout for them, of course this demo, but the story of the main game located in China and the principal objective of the task “Tombston” is to save some senior figures in Shanghai and tensions between the Russians and China and America are too high and that will eventually lead to war and a global conflict.

There is something not realized by some people in this game and who believe that the game did not have a quantum leap from the third part, DICE studio this time has a winning point which impact of characters and how reactions we didn’t seeing this performance in the third part of the game and despite these wars and tensions, but the studio is trying to show the relationship between these characters and the story,Centered on these relations and their reaction in critical situations in the most difficult conditions that surround them, and sometimes some agree with the idea and the other opposed here shows the personal nature for each one of them, for who did not realize that ,the story has become more exciting .

A funny attitude happened by one of these characters denote DICE’s focus on the story and this happened in the beginning of the demo when the car sunk and the group was inside, the radio still working the one of them said “i don’t want to die listening to this song” which made the audience to laughs at the exhibition.You will play as the soldier, “Reeker” with a Sergeant “Dan” and “Irish” and “Buck” and “Roger” At the end of the show appeared a Chinese Female we do not know if this female with the group or against it, but the majority agreed to it with the group.


Here DICE announces its new engine Frostbite 3.0 Here are a quantum leap in fees and this is something noticeable when you see the facial expressions to know when they seem nervous or happy and movement become more realistic in the performance of the characters and how the environment has become close to reality,It has become elements online exists in the story such as “Leaderboard” and “State” and “Tracks” Not only that, but appeared in the demo a system challenges like exists in ” NFS” system “AutoLog” and in “Bordrlandz 2″ system “BadAss” It seems very special, and this will result in competition between you and your friends,It is possible through collection of Duke and this increases the affair developed the story in Battlefield 4.

Because you in a team and there s many enemies it becomes difficult to complete the mission, so the studio added feature for you to give orders to those with you, which will facilitate reduces the time and effort,Besides that DICE has canceled the process of cooperative network, which was in a deplorable event in Battlefield 3, so the studio wants to focus on the process of the story and developed to succeed multiplayer game,A reminder that the demo shown at exhibition GDC was for the PC platform on the 60 frames but also the game coming for current generation platforms Xbox 360, Ps3, given the strength of the engine seem the game will be release on the the next generation platform PS4 is expected to be release on the the next generation devices, but EA did not declare this thing.

Premium service back again in this part did not reveal the precise details but EA says that who requested the game by pre order it will receive on the package for a premium service as existed with Battlefield 3,When acquires a limited edition or reserve a limited edition of the game you will get “Back To Karkand” DLC with it,Now let’s see how it became the destruction, yes it has become mainly present in the game we will explain this talk of others concept in the next section.


What I mean that in BattleField 3 not everything able to destruct and was not that realistic , but became the destruction integrated when “Battlefield 3 : Close Quarters” released,But now the case is different with this part has become principally became a trump card by the Engine. Everything has became the able to destroy and demolition as an example when “Reeker” used a rifle to destroy the wooden fence and when he use a weapon “launcher” to destroy the walls that the enemy hiding behind, will be available battles in sea battles on land and in the air ,new vehicles will be available in the sea like submarine.


EA seems to be decided to not announce information about the online feature for another date should see it at  the next E3 exhibition, anyway everyone can, especially owners of personal computers to reserve their version of Battlefield 4 from Origin store and get with it the full package of premium service as well playing the beta version when it release .

Battlefield 4 will release on Q4 2013 on PC,PS3 and Xbox360 (maybe PS4).


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