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  • Boby

    im a Thief fan but there are not zombies and not medieval times so im not gona buy this shit that looks like fidel copy of Dishonored

  • Conquistador

    Replacing the medieval setting in favor of some Victorian Dishonored ripoff is a deal breaker for me.

  • OGThief’98

    Thank you! Glad I’m not the only one who feels that no zombies is a deal breaker. Also, the previous three games are no longer cannon? fuck a bunch of that! You just ruined my all time favorite game! I’ll be replaying the old ones, thank you very much. You won’t be getting any money from us, Eidos Montreal. FUCK CONSOLE! PC gamers made you your money and you’re just gonna shit on them in favor of next generation consoles? I knew this was a bad thing when I heard it was going to be released for next generation consoles. FUCK YOU GUYS! Childhood: Ruined.

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