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  • Joey Joe-Joe Junior Shabadoo

    The only significant complaint of GTAIV that was remotely fair was that there wasn’t enough to do with your money. I think it was designed to be more useful but they had to cut some things. It does fit the game thematically though.

    I’m glad to see they’ve put more depth of economy but I’m a little worried they’ve succumbed to listening to all of those who criticised GTAIV for being too serious. If you want a shallow, puerile, mindless fun, mayhem simulator, then there are many of them out there for you. But for those of us who like deeper games that are an adventure in human culture there are very few of them. It looks like it might be too over the top and thus the value as social commentary is lessened.

    In many ways GTAV cannot live up to GTAIV. For example the in game internet was an amazing parody that covered pretty much everything on the internet. They can’t really do that again without retreading the same ground. Are they going to do the comedy club again? The TV shows? Will a lot of character development and backstory be exposed during nights out with friends/girls or has that feature been cut because some people didn’t like it? How will all of this possibly fit on a single DVD9 without cutting lots of things?

    GTAIV already had this 3 overlapping characters thing but as DLC, does this mean there wont be any good DLC this time since it’s built in? The best idea in my opinion would be to release DLC in the style of other Rockstar games. You could have a police campaign using LA Noire gameplay, a Midnight Club expansion with the GTAV map, and something similar to Bully. I don’t think RDR has any relevance. Other than that, the biggest improvement they could make would be to expand the radio stations and allow you to listen to them outside of your vehicle. Especially important for the underwater stuff which looks quite boring to me.

    • bigbud jake

      ^^ shut up will u go play saints row that won’t bore you winey bitch

  • poppy-satin-tangas

    who cares about all dis boren c**p wen CoD is comin out? seriesly why play games dat r soooo long and boren? just wanna jump in an start shooten noobs without haven to watch 50 hours of cut seenes. u got you ps3s for dat lame s**t.

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