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  • kevin carey

    It’s funny that R* refuses to announce the PC version, yet have the balls to release screens that are obviously a high-end PC build….or heavily Photoshopped PS3 screens, at best.

    • mrbojangles

      I think they look similar to a console quality. The last one you can see looks a bit rough, which for me, gives it away as an xbox/ps3 shot.

      Makes sense about the pc release, So much piracy they probably dont make much from the pc sales

    • John

      Fool! Those are PS3 SS! Nothing special about these screens mate – PC version will be announced when PS4 version is announced.

  • nick

    This is the playstation 4 build I reckon. It looks to clean with far to much anti aliasing to be 360 or PS3.

  • GTA

    The lighting in this game makes The Last of Us look like a 8bit pacman.

    NaughtyDog is way overrated.

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