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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Avi-Patel/100002076529431 Avi Patel

    yeah, these are fake..

  • http://twitter.com/CreatureNorns Gaf Neon

    some forums are foaming from the mouth hoping this is true, hivemind at it’s best.

    • MD

      Why wouldn’t they want it to be real? As far as I’m concerned after this Xbone reveal, the sooner Microsoft is out of the industry the better.

      • vuuara


  • Martin Henderson

    xbox live is not working and site is down cant change password hotmail is down aswell

    • BarackShObama

      I just changed my password. Nice try troll.

  • Mulk Calathar

    Changed my password anyway.

  • AdvancePlays

    Load of bollocks, download link is fake.

  • Chris

    Fake. But nice try trolls. If the Xbox One is so crappy why are so many hell bent on telling everyone it is? Almost to the point of getting angry. I love desperate fanboys at the start of a console war, it is so funny. Xbox One is going to be great and just like the 360 a bunch of gamer forum nerds spending 7 years thrashing it will do no good.

    • HolyCowCubs

      Xbox One has some great features, but also some terrible ones. Have to install disk games on your system, and have to link your disk to one account so you can’t borrow a friend’s disk. The system also has to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Yeah I know right How desperate of people with brains to not be happy about MS blocking used games essentially or requiring an internet connection, or telling people the Kinect must always be on to even operate the system. Or that you have to connect to Xbox live at least once every 24hrs….Or that they are move concerned with being a TV box….Yeah that all just sounds so amazing MORON

      • GFB

        Too bad they got rid of all the things you point out

  • whatanidiot

    Fake. Most of the e-mails are yahoo e-mails (you need a hotmail/live account to sign up on XBL) and they’re taken straight from google. Unfortunately this meme-regurgitating child isn’t aware of this, and got caught up in his own “lelele epik trololol! xD!

    • bigevilworldwide

      No you don’t you haven’t had to have a hotmail account for years mine IS through a yahoo account…Jesus your dumb they stopped that

      • XboxTrial

        you’re* dumb

    • Guest

      I used Gmail. 😐

      • Tanner Dermann

        If you used Gmail like I did the first time, you can’t have Xbox LIVE Gold (aside from the first month of free Xbox LIVE Gold you get for a new console).

  • mack

    well i tried login into xbl and outlook and nothing will work

  • ShirtlessLocke


  • mack

    also you dont need a hotmail email you can use any

  • Andrew Boulton

    My live went down 30 mins ago, UK

  • Marc-Andrew Hunnam Nicholas

    Virgin Media says it is a server issue on their end

    • Andrew Boulton

      Thats a relief, i’m also on Virgin

  • Clarissa

    I got kicked off 3 times for a total of 55 minuites

    • Tanner Dermann

      It quite possibly could have been a DDOS attack, beginner-level hackers use DDOS attacks to scare / troll people.

  • Euthanize

    Regardless of anything else, Xbox Live, like every other site now, has password restrictions. A certain length, maybe a capital or a number, i’m not sure anymore of their rules. There is a listed password of z. and plenty that are only numbers. It’s very fake.

  • Warren Crosby

    Yep Im on virgin been having issues all night they say they had a server issue

  • ian

    I didn’t have issues. Besides a Black Ops 2 Update that took forever. I was offline for live for at least 20 minutes because i showered, came back and it was still going

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    So glad for my Dreamcast. I love my Dreamcast, and Neo Geo. :)

    • Tanner Dermann

      Should I have gotten a Dreamcast when it came out? How is it, and what kind of games are on it? Also, what’s a “Neo Geo”?

      • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

        You must be trollin’…

    • Daniel Niespodzinski

      I miss my Dreamcast…so many great games. It was probably the most underrated system ever

  • Corey

    This is not true guys this is a keylogger that when you do change your pass immediately it will steal your acc

  • ethan

    i was fine apart from BO2 update that took 7 minuites

    • Tanner Dermann

      Every update I get when I used to play COD (Black Ops 2) only took under 30 seconds, internet connection?

  • Hacked

    If a hacker doesn’t have my money, Microsoft does.

  • Lex Mastermind Lotharr

    Wait till the xbone fan boys cant play their games due to hacking, lol

    • Darian Wright

      …Uhhh, except this was a hoax and Microsoft is one of the only companies that hasn’t fallen to these hacks yet, ever. Sony on the other hand… The PSN Network hack is still defined as the worst data breach in history.

      • Daniel Niespodzinski

        Actually while YES this one was a hoax you are incorrect. In 2007 Xbox live was hacked. Don’t make bold statements unless you check your facts first.

      • Rich

        Ummm…In Sony’s defense, I would just like to say that…How do we know if its not Microsoft that’s hacking PSN or if they pay hackers to hack PSN so Xbox looks like this “Almighty system that can’t be hacked”?

  • Tanner Dermann

    Getting an Xbox One in a week, this was fake, I was on Xbox LIVE whole day on this day, can’t wait to play BF4 on Xbox LIVE with all of my friends! Xbox#One!

  • KingofTheForce

    ih, this was 2 years ago, damn, im late

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