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  • DarthDiggler

    With the size of GTA and Open World games are you really shocked R* reused some assets? If they did everything from scratch every game we’d get a new one about once a decade.

    • BehindGames

      yup you r right

    • PP08

      how about “SKYRIM”
      isn’t a new game from the ground ? or if we talk “R*” the case is ok and others like COD we whining about !
      be FAIRE guys !

  • john smith

    i like this. max payne 3 was a well made game in terms of 3rd person shooting gameplay so its good they used that from it

  • Jakeola1

    So is this supposed to be a bad thing or?

  • Le me

    I hope you can drive that yacht around and perhaps use it as a safehouse.

  • seth

    i think this was more of an Easter egg than R* reusing assets

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