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  • mike

    The buildings we see really far away, at the end of the map, will it be possible to go there?
    Anyway, it looks insane. I understand why 90% of call of duty gamers are 12-15yo kids, looking for some ‘instant action’, with explosions all over, and easy kills every 5 seconds, and why more and more people are playing battlefield. It’s a totally new ‘world’, we can’t even compare both games.

    On the first, people make an headshot every 4 seconds, on maps activision/treyarch make almost automatically, and charge them 20 bucks, or via premium passes, and the latter, maps are so huge people can move using a plane, etc.

    We understand why Activision don’t want vehicles on cod: people would go from one side to the other, by plane, in a couple of seconds.

    For sure, kids/young guys make cod so successful. They don’t even want to hear about strategy, or team work, squads or walking 5 minutes across the map, before attacking or being killed. They just want to respawn, select weapons, walk 50 feet, and kill a guy, all in 10 seconds. Guess battlefield is just too ‘serious’ and ‘realistic’ for them…?

    Without those kids, cod would sell like 5 million uits or less, instead of +20M.

    Anyway, Activision will milk the franchise as much as possible, and the day one cod game only makes 1.2 billion, instead of the forecasted 1.3 billion, shareholders will just whine because of that ‘huge’ loss, and will simply stop and kill the franchise.

    I don’t play cod or battlefield, but I can see battlefield is made with love, for lovers and supporters, and they strive to always make a much better version than the previous one. Unlike Activision, who makes +1 billion $ with each cod game, every single year, and keep using the same 10yo engine over and over, because the poor shareholders don’t think it is a good idea, to hire 100 engineers during 6 months,spend 10 or 15 million, and make a fucking new engine from scratch.since they don’t give a fuck about gamers or games,all they understand is $, they don’t think it would be necessary. Even for nest gen consoles, those greedy monkeys didn’t make a new engine,mind keep using the same 10yo shit. Shame, really.shame.

    That’s why I will be picking battlefield 4 for my ps4, hoping nobody will buy the new cod ghosts for next gen,and instead, people will buy bf4, which uses a fantastic engine, instead of the same cod shit.

    Worse, Activision dare blaming next gen consoles for the ‘lower’ 5 million pre-orders on ps3/x360. Hey guys, 99$ of studios would love to sell 2-3 million copies of their games, and most of the time they don’t even sell 1 million. You guys already are sure of selling at least 5 million units, and you are whining like babies. Shame on you, really. Maybe it is because people are watching battlefield 4, with its massive worlds, graphics, players, etc, running on a fantastic engine, when you, poor guys, are still using the same shit engine, making the same game,same mechanics, same everything, which are basically an upgrade,with a few maps and many dlcs ‘cash machine ready’, ready to fill up the fort Knox. Maybe people will slowly move to battlefield, and will never come back again. Maybe people are fed up of spending hundreds of $ on the same shit: game, maps, dlcs, premium passes, season passes, more dlcs, more maps. Every single year.

    The day Activision will announce a new engine from scratch, well, we’ll be in 2020.until there, no Cod game for me.

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