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  • Wazzzzup

    Wake me up when this game makes it onto PC.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      And next gen

      • Dakan45

        next gen consoles are basicly pcs, will be stupid not to make pc games when its gonna be so easy to do now.

        • RandomUser2yr29387

          They’re not PCs, they’re much more efficient and optimized. You can’t build a PC equivalent to a PS4. PC relies on brute force.

          • Dakan45

            I just saw a laptop using GDDR5 apu and dual cards with 8 core cpus.

            So yeah you can. its amd’s tech not console exlusive.

            That optimization crap are a bunch of hype lies.

            DDR3 is better for cpu calculations due to latency.

            GDDR5 is better for graphics.

            Since the memory controllers are on the cpus and the ps4 cpu is a garbage 1.6ghz piece of trash.

            The cpu is automaticly bottlenecked, so all the load has to go to the gpu.

            Meaning that it might be a “kewl” architecture and a cheapass solution 0which is what amd is known for) but in reallity its weak system compared to pcs.

            Stil my point was that next gen consoles are pcs, x86 systems, games will be made on high end pcs and ported to consoles, they will FINALLY utilize multi core rendering, they got no choice, there is so little raw power in each of those threaded cores, that they gonna have to use all of it.

          • RandomUser2yr29387

            How much did that laptop cost? I’m betting it costs way way more than a PS4 and it was much weaker to boot. It didn’t even have 8GB of GDDR5; I know it didn’t have unified memory architecture.

            CPU isn’t the bottleneck. These are consoles and the GPU is far more important than anything else.

            Optimization is a real thing. Take a look at a PS3 game like The Last Of Us. That’s running on 7 year old hardware with less than 512mb of RAM.

            These are consoles, not PCs. They don’t need raw power like a PC does. They rely on affordbale, mass-market components than can be pushed to their limits. APUs are the only way they could have gone.

          • Dakan45

            No its not as powerfull or as cheap.

            A laptop is smaller than a console and its essentially a underpowerd expensive mobile pc,thats what laptops are.

            Consoles are boxes to hook on your tv, without a battery or screen and sound and os functions.

            1.6GHZ no ddr3, thats a bottleneck, all the load has to go to the gpu and thus you are bottlenecked.

            Every one will have to optimize for 8 cores due to how freaking weak each core is.

            The last of us looks like a 2006 game, every multiplatform looks better than that on pc. If you gonna pick a game that did wonder,s look at killzone 3, the texture detail is on par with pc games.

            Ofcourse consoles need power, or they quickly become outdates, they are made like pcs, how much ram is available anyway? We dont know that but atleast 3 is sucked by the os, you know just like pcs.

          • RandomUser2yr29387

            1.6GHZ no DDR3 is a bottleneck? Huh? Yeah the CPU is weak for PC standards, but consoles have no need for powerful CPUs. GPUs are increasingly able to do many CPU tasks and in a few years GPGPU compute will make a huge difference.

            They opted for unified 8GB GDDR5. There’s no need for DDR3. This console won’t be running Windows and hundreds of background tasks. At most, it’ll run a couple apps and a simple OS. The DDR3 advantage of low-latency isn’t required on PS4. Yes, 3GB is a lot for the OS but this has the chance to drop over the years as the OS gets optimized. 5GB GDDR5 is more than enough for games though. That’s on par with what extremely high-end GPUs have.

          • Dakan45

            ps3 relied in POWER OF DA CORE.

            Why you think consoles dont need strong cpus? Next gen consoles are essentially pcs, i bet you also think that consoles dont need alot of ram, but SUPRISE SUPRISE, just like pcs, ps4/xbox will have os and browser, share , record and oher apps so about 3.5gb of ram is lost, We still dont know how much ram is REALLY available to games. Its not like killzone shadowfall did not use 4.8 gb to gpu, cpu and shared.

            Multicore rendering, it is used on pcs for years and not well due to conosoles not using it. Dont kid yourself, cpu power is needed in games or the load goes to the gpu. The gpu in ps4 is a midrange entry one and xbox one has a low end gpu.

            Long story short they CANT utilize 8gb properly and lack of DDR3 is also slowing cpu calculations.

            So what you got is a system that relies COMPLETLY in a midrange videocard.

            That IS a bottleneck.

          • RandomUser2yr29387

            GPU > CPU in terms of importance. These are video game consoles not Photoshop workshops.

            I never said consoles don’t need CPUs, of course they do. But a powerful GPU is preferred to a powerful CPU.

            This isn’t my opinion, this is a fact.

            PS3 got by fine with this weak GPU. I think the PS4 will be fine with its “midrange videocard” and “to much RAM”

          • Dakan45

            Yeah but you mising that the cpu is low end, the gpu is midrange and the ram is avrage for next gen, you dont have 8gbs you have about 4.5 that got to be used both by cpu and gpu in games.

            Its pointless to argue, xbox is crap so ps4 will take the lead either way.

          • sklorbit

            someone who knows what they are talking about for once :)

          • sklorbit

            Optimization on consoles is common sense, not “hype lies”

          • Dakan45

            Common bullocks is more like it. Crysis 3 and metro last light run UNDER the lowest possible pc settings. Max payne 3 and bf3 run on low pc settings.

            Consoles cant keep up with pc, they just run games at lower settings.

            Consoletard have no idea wtf they talking about.

            Here is an example of how big of hype morons you consolefanboys are.

            Warframe will run on ps4 without a 4000$ and how much you porting to ps4? ALL OF IT.

            Yet everyone was impressed, but if you did not have crap for brains, you would know that the requirements for warface are from 2007, and a 2007 pc can max it.

            Thats how weak consoles are, they cant run warframe at 1080p and 60 fps, they can run it at 30fps with 720p, so they needed “next gen” to run it properly while a 2007 pc CAN max it.

            So yeah console optimization= bullocks.

          • sklorbit

            You could definitely build a PC equivalent to a ps4, it would just need considerably higher specs to do the same thing.

          • Dakan45

            Where is the logic to that? Let me guess “its because its a console”

            AND? How much ram do ps4 and xbox one is used by the os? 3.5 just like pcs.

            The cpu is so crap that you cant get one, infact a quadcore phenom ii has more power.

            Finally we dont know the videocard.

    • Luis Hernández

      Well, you are going to sleep for a loooooong time. 😉

      • Dakan45

        Every gta game has been anounced for pc at 3-4 months after the release of the console verions.

        So no, the game will be out in months ot a year after console release.

        • unclesam

          Don’t listen to the pathetic PC troll Dakan45, I’ve actually played Crysis 3 on a high end PC and saw Killzone running in the flesh on a PS4 at PAX. Killzone looked BETTER, and game played fantastically with the new PS4 controller.

          NO $350 PC IS GOING TO EVEN CLOSE TO THE POWER OF A $350 PS4 (I have taken out the $50 for the Dualshock 4) – FACT. INFACT YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO SPEND CLOSER TO $1000 TO BUY EQUIVALENT GAMING PC WITH THE POWER OF THE PS4. And games are fully optimised for a console, rather than millions of configurations of PCs.

          • Dakan45

            Omg you faggot, wtf is wrong with you? YOu go around trolling.

            Ill say it again, you did not go to PAX because the time you posted the first message, THATS when PAX was taking place.

            are a ps4 fanboy or a sony employe because you constantly saying that
            ps4 is 350$ and the duallshock 4 costs 50$ and the game played
            fantasticly with dualshock 4$

            You sound like a broken record?


            why “buy” a pc? Are you that freakign stupid? You cant just build your
            own pc? OFCOURSE YOU CANT, but thats beside the point, the point is that
            you THINK ps4 is cheaper because you HAVE to buy a new pc instead of
            SIMPLY spending 300-400 and upgrading your old pc to beat both consoles
            and be ready for next gen.

            If you still think gaming on
            consoles is cheaper, then you need to reallize that thanks to steam
            sales, pc gaming gets cheaper since you get games for significantly less
            than on consoles.

            Say you got a budget pc that costs 600-700 and say you got a ps4/xbox that cost 400-500$

            Buy 6 games a year and you are 760-860$ cost

            On a 600-700$ pc those games gonna cost you less so you looking at 840-920$ cost.

            cost per year is not as high as you think and no “upgrading every year”
            is a myth, i am using an old 5 year old pc and i play games very well
            while consoles run on low settings.

            and ofcourse you
            started all this crap by going to a site and trolling “pc is full of
            mods and hackers and aimbots that ruin my multiplayer experiance”
            typical ignorant missconceptions about pc since you are not a pc gamer
            and you do not have a high end pc as you claim.

            Now gtfo you troll

    • KuchikiSentou

      Firstly, I hope you don’t wake up from that sleep.
      Secondly everybody knows it’s coming to PC. So I don’t know why these PC Elites keep coming up with these comments.


      • Dakan45

        The one who keeps coming with those comments are consoletards who say they are not gonna release it to pc due to piracy, despite the fact it has been like that for so many years.

        • sklorbit

          “consoletards” are getting the game september 17th. Sorry to burst your bubble but they are far less concerned with the release of the PC version than you are.

          • Dakan45

            Sorry but thats the true, consoletards have no diea what they talking about so they talk trash and annoy the crap out of people who actually know wtf is going on.

    • RandomUser2yr29387

      PC Snob!

    • http://www.facebook.com/PlagaX Donte FusroDah Dillon

      I pray that we don’t have to wait like 6 months after console release…

      • Dakan45

        We better, last time with gta iv, the port was a glorious mess up, sooo i rather wait than get the broken version again.

  • maxinthefax

    1 month and 6 days i’m waiting

  • ELJEFE13


  • da Boss


  • Francis

    THIS IS GREAT NEWS! Now we know that Grove Street will be making a return as well as the Ballas!

    • disqus_Muo6bDmO1u

      we already knew grove street, ballas and the lost were confirmed in the character trailers

  • Corporal Bucket

    A bit worried that they said it’s more focused on “fun” and less serious, seems that Rockstar took the whole saints row is more fun thing to heart. That or that fact is nonsense, it should be a mix of fun with some serious moments. GTA was fine as it was I hope it’s not going to turn ridiculous like saints row, GTA is better anyway.

    • Infinityflm

      I think it’s rather compared to GTA IV.
      GTA IV was just Niko being depressed and having nothing to live for.

    • roeekidron

      I worry too, I have a feeling this will be the last GTA that, R* will pull off for the PS3:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((.

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