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  • SunnyZ

    Correction. ‘current’ hacking will end with the update.
    All new hacks will appear after the update is released.

  • gokubcn87

    I have a lot of money through the fault of a hacker my go it is gokubcn87 but alone I am a victim in addition in many rooms the people give money i I cannot reject it since comprenderan I do not have the fault of which hacker me of money if I cannot reject it I repeat my go it is gokubcn87

  • Dude83

    yeah, hope the throw the cheaters to a douchebags pool for months. Only cowards and douchebags use cheats. God mode is for pricks.

  • GhostsStep

    Yea, these cheaters are going to some website, downloading a file, putting it on a usb flashdrive, and uploading it to their ps3s. I was in the same room as a bunch of cheaters, they were all invincible and talking shit on the mic.

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