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  • MaiqDe

    Hope you know that “Tech Nick” is just a character for the Saturn advertising…

    • Eva Ellie Godmother

      And the translation for “Da ich grad gefragt wurde” (“Since I asked what degree”) is also wrong 😀 Correct would be something like: “Because someone just asked me” or “Because I was just asked”

    • murgo

      indeed.. the guy is an actor. he’s no manager and not even a Saturn employee..

  • http://www.erbloggt.de Konstantin

    viral marketing for “Saturn” (german company) made really really bad…

  • Bose321

    Yeah… And other big companies hinted at a release a few months ago. Those were also totally true.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Oh well if a German Retailer manager says it, then it must be true.

    • PatcherStation

      If Wolfgang said yes, then it’s true.

  • PatcherStation

    Like I said last year, when you consider that Rockstar release a new GTA game every 5 years or so, GTA 5 in 2013, GTA 6 in 2018 (I bet it comes earlier than that), they needed a bit of a stopgap. GTA 5 on the PC, it was going to happen on the Xbox One and PS4, probably with all the extra content plus more. It wasn’t going to be a case of waiting until 2018 for a GTA 6 to appear on the Xbox One and PS4. It’ll be a better experience online, probably with extra content. Can’t say I’m a big GTA fan, but unless it had enough extra stuff, I’d get it on the PS4. The writing was on the cards so to speak.

  • Dikan45

    We know it’s coming but I just wish they’d hurry up about it! I hope the reason they’re taking their time is to properly optimise the PC version!!

    • Petternilsen92

      Optimized PC version? I seriously doubt that, at best we’re gonna get a terrible port like 4 was.

    • Dakan45

      last warning stop impersonating me.

  • Trim Dose

    This is why I didn’t buy it for my PS3, this game and The Last of US., the only thing I need now is a remake in HD of my beloved series Uncharted and God of War, from there bring up the new stuff!!!, having a blast with Infamous SS right now!!

  • Cahone2

    Finally, I’ve had a ps4 for almost 5 months and still have not purchased 1 game for it.

  • Riley Freeman

    gta is the same crap every 5 years. i cant believe people even want this. The gap they take to release a game that has very little to no new features is ridiculous. i dont give those guys any money and their multiplayer is horrible.

    • Unknown

      Call of duty is no different

      • Riley Freeman

        call of duty isnt released every 5 years. You’re comparing apples and oranges. if you truly want to compare call of duties, compare the ones made by the same studio. only treyarch version, only infinity ward versions

    • Kreten

      That’s soo wrong, this GTA had a lot more stuff and completely different than previous ones. It has similar aspect to game of being able to pull ppl out of car or shoot ppl but there’s soo much more

      • Riley Freeman

        no way man. i want you to name as many new features as you can. new storyline doesnt count by the way.

        p.s. it was stupid to have 3 storylines and not let you play with a friend

  • redfff

    Just canceled my Watch Dogs preorder !!

  • MrPandaLord

    We heard this last year.. I ain’t going with it this year…

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