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  • Lostbytes

    3 Maps …..No new guns ,No new titans, No new game modes. titanfall has been telling gamers no a lot! Plus 3 maps for 10 bucks is a rip off

    • Frazz

      The new game modes aren’t included in the DLC because they’re free for everyone…

      • Lostbytes

        Modes till not here….lol . And i wont pay 15 bucks for 4 maps and 4 guns….(BTW 4 maps and guns is a much better value….New guns change the the game, new maps do not)

    • cunt

      BF4 gives 4 guns and 4 maps for $15. Doesn’t sound like a better deal either.
      Yet I don’t hear anyone complaining.

      • bigevilworldwide1 .

        People are still playing BF4? Well then again I guess you have to play something if you actually paid for that EA access crap….At least in 2017 it will get some better games

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