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  • justaplayer

    this looks promising

  • Sǯdi Sǻymeh

    im not really into MMO’s but if this is a third person view game with story mixed with MP (like dark souls) then it would be great 😀

    • ;..;

      No story type game just run around do what you please like DayZ but you will be able to go from first and third person view and it is full multiplayer, MMO stand for Massive Multiplayer Online

  • ziki

    This seems like it’ll ve like day z, but for ps4. As a day z fan that doesn’t play on pc, this is gonna be awesome. Just……. Awesome

    • creature

      cool to see hardcore dayz fans not criticizing a company for trying to give us something better. I love the idea of dayz i bought both versions. Honestly i have not made but a small handful of memorable moments on dayz, but i know it is just because i have no friend to play it with.

    • Curtis Conyer

      H1Z1 goes to pc first. Later down the road hits the ps4 with no official release date thus far.

  • Arnold Stallone

    Sony…. SONY…
    I understand online only games like elder scroll online, and this one, are money machines, with subscriptions, in game purchases, dlcs, extensions, and everything else.
    Where are my single player AAA games? Keep that path, and I will be forced to buy a Nintendo console, and even an Xbox one! And hell, I do hate Microsoft.
    But if 90% of the next big games are mmo only, I will have to go find other cool games, somewhere else.
    And that’s a Sony fan speaking.

    • Bruce Wayne

      Sony is only bringing two MMOs.
      They don’t have control over other publishers. So if you didn’t like the line up fur the PS4, why did you even bother?

      • Kenshi Ryden

        3 if you’re including H1Z1, Final Fantasy: ARR and Planetside 2 when they all finally release.

        But that’s still 3 against… tens of games with Singleplayer and Multiplayer. Your point’s totally valid. I’m mainly a Singleplayer gamer and I’m having a great time with the PS4.

        • blahblahwankers

          Do you have a great time with the PS4? Because all the singleplayer games are beatable within hours, and there’s not shit left to play for months other than online games…

          • Kenshi Ryden

            If you’re including cross-plats/ re-releases, then yes. I absolutely have a great time with the PS4.

            I’m still sinking tens of hours into it after a few months of ownership. Play Ground Zeroes far more than is sensible, at about 40 hours of gameplay, still haven’t finished all the amazing content in ACIV:BF, a little way into Killzone SF, Don’t Starve is one of the best singleplayer games I’ve ever played, Outlast is about 8 hours and worth at least two further replays. I’ve still got handfuls of other games to play.

            It’s so worth it. And with streaming to followers, it’s even better as singleplayer. Share the experience with others. I did a huge Broadcast+ game of Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition by myself the other week, and it was a huge success.

          • Curtis Conyer

            Outlast is nowhere near at hours I beat it in like three. Either you’re playing extremely slow or doing something wrong.

          • Kenshi Ryden

            Hmmm, you could be right. I completed it over about 4-5 sessions, and each one felt like about two hours; but perhaps I’m wrong.

            I was taking a lot of time to find all the evidence and filming everything, being thorough and immersed in it, so that may have added a few.

            But regardless, PS4 is still an absolutely fine console for singleplayer gamers. In the next month alone we’ll have a ton more content to enjoy, even The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is great crack if you’re a big spidey fan.

          • Curtis Conyer

            Yes I agree my only disagree was that Outlast was 8 hours.

      • Arnold Stallone

        I do like the ps4 lineup, but compared to the ps3, PS2, ps1, publishers and Sony are betting on online games more and more, each month.

        A single player game is a static revenue. If it sells bad or average, studio and the publisher will barely cover the dev costs. If it sells relatively well, it brings x cash the first 2-3 months, which will represent 70-80% of the sales, and the remaining 20%, will be like one unit sold here, one unit sold there, with big price reductions.

        Online games, specially MMOs, are huge cash printing machines: not only the guy pays full price, but he needs a monthly subscription(just imagine blizzard, a few years ago, +10 million gamers x +10$ monthly subscription x12, that makes 1 billion $ net, maybe 5% of it goes for servers maintenance, extension creators, help desk, internet bandwidth), and will be paying for extensions, every 3-6 months. A downloadable 20-30$ extension , is like selling the game a 2nd, 3rd, 4th time.

        Cash never stops falling from the sky. When was the last time a mmo game went bankrupt?

        The next elder scroller game could have been playable offline, like skyrim. Instead of killing a boss with 30 other players, the hero would simply do his job alone, offline. But no.
        That monthly subscription is just too good to be ignored.

        And when Devs witness these success stories, like call of duty, that makes 1.5-2 billion net every single year, made with the same old engine, the same graphics, boxes, trees, burning cars, walls, textures, explosions, it’s basically a huge copy/paste from previous version, with a different story, but always with the same US soldiers or marines that must save the world for the 344th time, but the gaming press still keeps giving it perfect 9 and 10/10.
        And at the same time, they will give a killzone shadow fall a 6/10, because the story looks like the previous killzone.oh yeah? Doesn’t call of duty look and play and everything like the previous version? So why the 9 and 10/10 scores? Money talks, for sure., and they witness other successful stories like MMOs, obviously,, they don’t feel like making and betting on a different game, genre, etc.

        Online is where piles of $ are. They’re there, waiting for the next game to implement micro transactions, dlcs, extensions, packs, perks and other seasons passes, online passes and monthly subscriptions. Because getting 60$ ONCE, and only ONCE, from a gamer, isn’t enough. The gold mine is online, not offline.

        Did you notice these last years, games that were 100% offline, started playing around with online? No, that wasn’t made to please us, but rather as a test.

        Skyrim was a single player game. Just look at the elder scrolls.
        Just look at deep down. That game would have been fantastic, offline. But because I don’t play online and don’t have the time to play online, and because Deep Down is online only, I will have to skip it.

        Look at the witcher 3. I would bet all my ps3 games , I am sure the witcher 4 will go online only. Remember mass effect 3 and the online part, that helped increasing our military score? Get ready for a mass effect game, 100% online.
        Uncharted 3 had online gaming. Santa Monica screwed god of war ascension, by using maybe 20,30,40% of the dev resources on the multiplayer game.that meant less polishing on the single player campaign. And the 7/10 became the standard.will they learn the lesson?

        gta5 online was a huge test, for servers, game, etc. It was free. Basically, gta5 online is a free buggy beta.
        Gta6 will be 100% online, with no offline gaming. With a monthly subscription, of course. Bookmark my comment.

        Titanfall online only was a huge test for the gaming industry: is people OK with paying full price for online only fps? The answer is yes.
        Get ready for a battlefield 5 without single player campaign.
        Get ready for a modern warfare 4 online only,for full price.

        Sports games: in less than 2 years, people will be paying monthly, for playing FIFA, nba,tennis, with a gaming scheme forcing the gamer to go online.

        All the final fantasy, comics, saints row, basically, most open world games that cost $$$ to make, will become online only.

        Even action/adventure games like uncharted or tomb raider, will have slimy schemes to bring players online.
        For example, I can imagine playing uncharted 4, and to be able to use some special weapons, accessories, scopes, etc, I would have to go and play online, on some maps, and those special items would be spread all over that map. But that map would be part of a maps pack, of course, at 9.99$. So, if we want a certain option, weapon, etc, on the single player,we would have to pay to go online, via an online pass, and we would have to buy some map packs, that would contain those weapons and items I need/want, on the single player campaign.

        I could go on for weeks.

        If you are old enough and had the chance to play a nes, genesis, master system, etc, game,with all the magic around it, where we would feel the tons of love and passion from devs, instead of the greed of today’s shareholders, in the games we loved and played days, weeks, months, you would notice that slowly,Sony is moving away from that passion and love, that we could still see and feel with the ps3.

        When choosing to make an online-only game, clearly Devs, studios, publishers are saying to gamers ‘ we don’t care about your pleasure, we don’t care if you like playing a great 15-20hour long single player campaign.mall we want is making you pay 60 bucks once, and grab another 100-200-300$ from you, via subscriptions, dlcs, etc etc’

        I hope people are clever enough to not adhere to these schemes, and send a huge ‘FCK you and your online only games, and give us our great single player games’ message to publishers, by not buying their games.

        We are the customers, we are the ones who pay 60$, each gamer should be seen as a precious valuable person that studios must cherish, respect and preserve, via a great game and tons of content, instead of day one dlcs and other greedy techniques, subscriptions, etc etc.

        Sorry for big answer, hope my point of view is more clear to you, now, and that is has nothing to do with the lineup or whatever.

        • Mustafa

          I LOVE YOU :). I wish there were alot of people like you.

          • Arnold Stallone

            yeah, keep on joking…
            i bet you didn’t even read my comment :)

          • Bruce Wayne

            Dude. Calm down. It hasn’t even been a year since the console launched.
            Games will come.

  • MY_N4M3_I5_NUMB3R5

    Game is going to be amazing I’m a fan of PC but don’t have a game to run it so looking forward to this game

  • Tim

    Looks great, I will get this game on PS4.

  • Anders

    Livestream from SOE is coming Thursday.

  • niall sullivan

    What consoles will this becoming to

    • Ali

      will be available for PS4 and PC

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