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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aDYCGGNlPM ilovegoogleglass

    Damn that’s big, I’m glad ships are out of the game.

    • Da GeeZ

      I want my ships back, that was the best part.
      If ya gonna take away ships allow us another form of transport at least. I wonder if stage coach robberies will be in the game? That would be cool.

      • http://facebook.com/miiikkeyyyy Mikey King

        I personally think Ubisoft will make an open world pirate game, minus an assassin storyline. Which I’d certainly buy!

        • ChatWraithUpsilon

          I would too. Remember that action-rpg of pirates of the carribbean that got cancelled?

          Even if it were more fantasy, I never get tired of swashbucklin’.

      • Chris Sanchez

        Ships in Paris … are you guys serious or just ignorant ?

        • ChatWraithUpsilon

          Ships sail up and down the Seine all the time, but any real boat travel would be a boring trek up and down the coastline.

          Nothing fun and interesting like sailing from island to island.

      • MrGrammaX

        this is assassin’s creed not pirates creed

        • Dustin Miller

          AC4 is the only assassins creed game I have ever finished, I was not a fan of the old formula or characters.

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aDYCGGNlPM ilovegoogleglass

        Ships made AC smaller. Didn’t you notice?

      • ChatWraithUpsilon

        I agree half-heartedly. Ships were an awesome feature, and made exploration really cool and fun. I don’t think ships fit in this particular time period, but for what they offered, I’d be sad to see something that they spent so much time developing go away.

        Also, considering how massive the map of AC: black flag was, paris doesn’t seem all that big. Havana and some of the other cities in Black Flag were huge. AC: Brotherhood had Rome as a huge city, but given the amount of space that the new generation of consoles (and certainly PC as well) can afford, I’d hope that they continue to give us a massive world to play around in.

        (I realize that puts a ton of pressure on Ubisoft to keep one-upping themselves on world-scale, but they’ve set that precedent for themselves.)

      • Zarathos No Daimaōh

        I dont want ships back that much … it was great and cool for the setting , but it’s time to move on . It still detracted from the so called purpose of being an active assassin , and mostly acted as a placebo game for a lackluster AC3 , but focusing on its best part

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      right? No wonder Ubisoft is gonna populate the city with 3,000-5,000 crowds on screen at once. Wonder how dense the city actually is compared to real life besides just copying the scale of it 1:1. Either way, I’m gonna be playing this for a long time, given they’ve already said the game will contain 100 hours of game play, 20 for story as usual. Don’t know why they didn’t make story longer if they had to opportunity to do so this time.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      The whole ship combat thing in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag was cool. Not sure about the rest of the stuff they included having to do with ships though.

    • Broc kelley

      It looks about as big as Revelations with the same shape, a river going down the middle, large buildings surrounding the exterior to make the interior appear larger…

  • andy

    Hopefully the guys at the Abstergo offices will make an Eiffel Tower mod and stick it on to the map as an extra “cheat” just for the sake of climbing it :)

  • Jan Compaf

    riight, just like watchdogs and chicago…

  • nwts

    when will unity be on the psn store

  • maybe

    That is beyond awesome!..As long as they still have the fast travel system. Would kind of suck to run across the map multiple times for missions.

  • Dheeraj Cherry

    i have the same map in my history textbook!!!!!!!

  • Jan Compaf

    The maps looks similar in shape duhh but the real one is waaaay more dense than AC one, you can actually see buidings on AC map, now try that with the real one, all you can see are white lines, the roads.
    As long as there are limitations in people patience and no limitation in greed, video games will NEVER have realistic and accurate locations.
    Real life in too big to be included in a video game.
    Besides, its UBISOFT, if you expect them to deliver then you are a fool.

    • Aaron

      wow….. this statement just shows how gamers are actually the greedy ones. So much work goes into games. Family’s that struggle because their spouse is constantly working and when it comes down to crunch time, don’t get to spend any time with their families. But you just disregard that as ubisoft not delivering. Please, do us all a favor and shutup.

      • Broc kelley

        wah wah wah. if you didn’t want to make games then you should have chose a different profession.

        bugger off.

        • Aaron


          • Broc kelley

            nahh. I’m very familiar with coding and general game design.

            Just because I accept an imperfect reality, that doesn’t make me ignorant. In fact it makes me enlightened.

      • Zarathos No Daimaōh

        Not that i essentially disagree , but they werent forced to release AC games annually either..

    • TGiddy

      Ubisoft delivered with AC2, I really enjoyed AC3 but I understand alot of people didn’t like it as much. Black Flag was my favorite. Far Cry 3 was brilliant and let’s not forget about their UbiArt games. Not sure what everyone’s problem with Ubisoft is.

      • Jan Compaf

        AC went downhill and into the milking factory after first AC wich was something new and refreshing for that time
        Same goes for Sleeper Cell, a good contender against MGS but who suffered by AC curse
        UBI dumbed down Far Cry to suit the masses who couldnt handle respawning enemies giving you all the finger and an empty game with a poor map creator aka FC3
        and WatchDogs all flash no substance
        like i said DONT expect UBI to deliver, lower your standards and you MIGHT not get dissapointed

        • TGiddy

          Haha, you’re hilarious and have no clue. Saying that AC went downhill after the first one proves you have no idea and probably never even played it. Just hopping on board the Ubisoft hate train because it’s the “cool” thing to do.

          • Jan Compaf

            you are delusional

          • .Aaron.

            You are not the one who is illusional :)

  • Branden Thomas

    A big game world is only good if you populate it with things to do UBISOFT!

  • Broc kelley

    It looks about as big as Revelations with the same shape, a river going down the middle, large buildings surrounding the exterior to make the interior appear larger..

  • ChatWraithUpsilon

    In the past, buildings were scaled down to make gameplay faster. (ezio would’ve been like 3 meters tall if he climbed the Florence Cathedral as fast as he did).

    In AC:3 , having the wilderness of new england essentially a few square miles is a massive shrink-down from how immense the adirondack forest actually is. While I understand that they would’ve scaled down the wilderness to avoid the running simulator that DayZ is, I would like to see cities feel realistically big.

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