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  • zakk

    Cant wait

  • TheUnsuper


  • Russell Gorall

    Am I seeing anything besides lumping games into a folder? Youtube app, CD playback, etc?

    • Dave

      What you’re seeing here is that Sony is about to win 3 gens out of 4, and Microsoft has never won even one.

      • Russell Gorall

        What does this have to do with your console war?

        • Dave

          Clicking on your name reveals your hate for the PlayStation.

          • Russell Gorall

            Stalker alert. If owning a Vita, PS3 and PS4 is “hatred”, cool.

            My PSN is honkayjeezus, add me. Happy gaming.

          • Dave

            By owning a certain platform doesn’t automatically exclude you from being a hater, which you are.

            And dude, clicking your name displays your hate for the PS within seconds, you’re being paranoid if you think you are worthy of being stalked by.

          • Russell Gorall

            Enjoy your night, Dave. Happy gaming.

          • Dave

            Thanks, you enjoy losing yet another gen.

          • Russell Gorall

            Okay. Enjoy your night, Dave.

          • Dave

            Oh and also have fun losing exclusives left and right, like Dead Rising 3, Ryse and soon Quantum Break.

          • Russell Gorall

            Of course. Enjoy your night, Dave.

          • Dave

            And last but not least, also enjoy the fact that even with a free copy of Titanflop and a $100 pricecut with Kinect included, the Xbox still couldn’t outsell the PS4.

          • Russell Gorall

            Last? Okay. Enjoy your night, Dave.

          • DeiVias

            Did Microsoft touch you in a bad place Dave?

            I don’t know how fake PSN screenshots of a new UI means Sony win this gen which is still over half a decade away from ending but ok.

          • Thinkaboutit

            Dave got bullied at school by ms :(

          • Dave

            It’s the other way around.

          • Dave

            The UI had nothing to do with it, I was just feeling like spreading some truth around here.

          • Qassim Farid

            Jesus. You’ll look back on your posts in a few years and cringe – this is some weird devotion to a console.

          • Dave

            Haha nope!

          • TheUnsuper

            jeez you really want to start a comment fight

          • WhatThe?

            They are a PC gamer with PS consoles, not an Xbox fan. You looked through their history and didn’t realize that? They’re GETTING Dead Rising 3, Ryse, and possibly Quantum Break.

            “Yeah, like you I advise all PS4 and Xbox One prospective buyers to just get a decent PC gaming station.”

            “You don’t need PR quotes, the gameplay is out there. Hack n Slash isn’t bad, I am getting this game day one on PS4.”

            Now I feel dirty. :/

      • Thinkaboutit

        Daves mad :(

        • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

          Dave’s honest, apparently you’re mad.

          • Thinkaboutit

            I’m talking about how dave wouldn’t leave dude alone. Slow your roll fanboy

          • Dave

            Just having fun.

        • Dave

          No, Daves factual.

      • Ippoletta

        Last time the rest of the world checked Nintendo won last gen.

        • GUN®


          He said about to win 3 out of 4, Wii took last gen or else he would have said 4 out of 4. What he said makes sense, also probably true.

    • Kingdom17

      For a small update, this is something many people would like.

      • Russell Gorall


        • Kingdom17

          I’d expect things like you mentioned along with somthing like DLNA support or Suspend and Resume with 2.00.

    • Matt

      i’ve heard that it can’t have cd playback due to the laser type of the drive.

      • Russell Gorall

        That explains the damn Music Unlimited not being able to deleted off my PS4.

        • Kasual7

          Man, I understand they need time to implement music playback but why can’t we delete that Music Unlimited app staring at us?

      • https://twitter.com/XisThatKid Xis That Kid

        I’m glad you allowed to go FCK yurself into a coma….

        • Russell Gorall


    • xXShifftyXx

      Did nobody pay attention to E3? Sony said at their conference Youtube app is coming this fall.

      • Adam Clive

        Oh look Xbox already have it.

        • xXShifftyXx

          No Shyt, i have an X1 are we talking about it here tho? No, so go spread your console war Bull$hit somewhere else.

  • James Fitzgerald

    Well not much to see here.

  • REP

    That shyt still look uGLY…they need to get rid of the ugly looking tile and favor a circle scrolling like Resogun. And they need to make receiving messages easy to access and also they need to allow customize wall paper. Enough of this blue background shyt that nobody want and try to force it down everybody’s throat.

    • Russell Gorall

      I tend to get confused when I send someone a message on PS4 and I get the message I sent on PS3.

  • Yohan KillSwitch


  • Daniel Lawson

    I like it

  • Joe Dirty

    It’s fake.. On the 1st image (with Infamous: Second Son) you can see an “RP” ESRB logo Killzone:Shadow Fall in the folder icon. This is a rookie mistake not even Sony would make. I mean I guess we can dream :(

    • AJ

      Yup, I noticed that right away, as well. Definitely think this is fake.

      • Tyffhhv

        Shut up

        • AJ

          My apologizes for using logic. If you want another example, look at pictures 2 and 3. Rayman is gone from picture 3 at the top, and Knack has been added between BF4 and TLOU:R. Pretty sure this is fake.

      • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

        Well you’re probably a Microsoft brainwashed shill, so………

        • WhatThe?

          What? How does that imply anything about being a Microsoft shill? It’s just a UI update, it’s not like it’s an amazing IP coming out or something.

        • AJ

          Wowzers… Go look at the 2nd and 3rd pictures. Rayman is gone from the top and Knack is in between BF4 and TLOU:R. It doesn’t match. Pretty sure it’s fake.

        • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

          Yea probably. Why else would he say that.

        • Thinkaboutit

          Apparantly you really want this to be true…
          I’m getting the feeling you’re kind of a dbag.

      • DominicansDontPlay

        Hopes crushed :(

        • AJ

          Sad face :( Folders looked nice…

          • WhatThe?

            Yeah, folders were amazing on the PS3. It’s a shame that the PS4 doesn’t have them. Hopefully Sony adds them in soon though because I’d love to see them.

      • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

        What makes you say its fake?

        ~ Edward James Kenway, Privateer of the West Indies

        • AJ

          In the first picture, the “RP” for the ESRB rating on K:SF. We already know the game is rated M, since it’s out already. Also, in the 2nd picture you see Rayman Legends in between the “My favorite games” folder and BF:4. Well, in the 3rd picture, Rayman is gone, and Knack has been added between BF4 and TLOU:R, out of nowhere. Seems fake after noticing that stuff.

          • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

            it looks that way, but perhaps he played Rayman before Knack, and you know how the features work in the PS4 UI right?

          • AJ

            Yeah, this is true. Another thing, again between pictures 2 and 3, you all of a sudden see the legs and tank for the BF4 logo, but you don’t see that in the 2nd picture.

          • Alkaporty

            Good eyes, but you really think that if someone had made this up he would use different pictures like that? It’s pretty easy to see those “mistakes” when you spend hours making a hoax like that.

          • mummiess1

            when you play ps4 your games go in the front of the line. who says he played them in a different order?

          • AJ

            This is true, but another example for why I think this is fake is in the 3rd picture you see the legs and tank for the BF4 logo, but in the 2nd picture it’s cutoff.

    • andy

      Not necessarily. Here is an original image that Sony released back in August 2013. It was a pic of an updated version of the “What’s New” section of the PS4. What do you see on the game pictures in the top and top right corner of the pic?

      • WhatThe?

        Not a Rating Pending. Just the Mature rating.

        • javifuego35

          Ummm take a better look, since when has COD 4 been on PS4? Or Medal of Honor

          • mummiess1

            PS Now possibly.

          • WhatThe?

            Well, it’s possible that it’s for PS Now or maybe it shows the PS3 library as well.

      • colonel179

        That picture is from a system that wasn’t released yet. The pictures of the article show Killzone, which is a game already released, so there shouldn’t be any RP by any means.

        This is a mock up, a very nice one, but it’s fake nevertheless. There are tons of mock-ups for iPhone. It’s very common. There were also some mock-ups for Xbox One.

        Another thing that makes it fake is the design in general. I don’t think that Sony would change the design that has been considered beautiful and elegant, for something more simple. (I’ll eat crow and disappointed if these are true)

        Another thing, is that the trophy notifications don’t show that the trophy is a bronze. The notifications now show the picture, the trophy, and the description. Showing the trophy is a must, since is a way to know which one you got. It’s not like people will have to press the PS button to enter details to know what kind it is.

        I am going to say though, that I really liked the detailed trophy side bar, and the contextual PS button in the notifications. That is something that should be done.

        • Clamper

          Actually i think the border of the trophy image shows what kind you got. There’s a bronze border around the first trophy and silver around the other two. But it is strange this “RP” stuff… lets just wait and see.

    • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

      7 upvotes for this guy for having bad eyesight?

  • cusman

    Folders as an option for people that want that and the improved notifications which I think many more players will enjoy.

  • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

    Folders, It’s about time. Now we need MP3 support.

    ~ Edward James Kenway, Privateer of the West Indies.

  • BadPiggie123

    Love it.

  • Aria68

    Ability to access/ deny or interact with the notification while in the game is a great idea.

  • stx007


  • Alkaporty

    I just want an option to see your friends online easily (like at the left or right corner and having the option to access them with L1 or R1, verticle “folders” for games, kinda like PS3 (because I only have 20 games and this is already feeling like a big mess to find a certain game) like click R2 on a certain game to make it in your favorite list, no need to choose an option or anything, just adding them and removing them from folder with a click of a button.

    • Guest

      The only mess is your mind. Whats so hard about pressing the PS button like you always had to do (on the PS3) and then pushing and over to friends? Or is that to hard for you?

      • Guest

        The problem is not that it’s too long or annoying, it’s how could you make the UI better and more friendly for the users. Wiith the kind of thinking you have you wouldn’t go far in this industry, and you’re exactly the kind of person who hurts it. Good job to you

  • Russell Gorall

    If PS1, PS2 and PS3 can play CD’s the tech is there. I smell a Back To The Future episode starring Yoshida, yep.

    He will come out of a nice car, and ask us to spend money to listen to music I own.

    • Guest

      And i smell a troll. Oh look its Russell Gorall talking sh*t like he always does about Sony and PS4. But always talks so nicely about MS and the X1. Hmmmm.

  • bob

    Fake. Nice mock ups though.



  • Stefan Dshshuie

    How u know it’s fake? U really think that cab be fake stop bein a hater an be happy because facts Sony are actually workin on a new interface do your research

  • Mike G.

    I believe these are real. :)

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    Looks good! Hopefully it won’t affect the speed navigating. That’s one of the best parts of the PS4s interface at the moment. It’s nice and zippy.

  • http://www.gptv.co.il Zeev

    What about the psn login issues? I have more than one user, and after you logout and login to another user, it takes long time to login to psn and I need to check my network connection to properly logout and login to my user. FIX IT!

    • Frdjck

      You are at the right place to vent your frustration, but not at the best place to get your issue fixed.

    • Guest

      I dont have those problems so something is going on with you.

    • James Spurlock

      I had ths same issue. As crazy as it sounds I move my ps4 6in to the left. It connected perfect after that. Then I moved it back to prove to myself I wasn’t crazy and it wouldn’t connect any more. I have moved back since and never had another issue.

  • naga

    Oh wow! It’s looking sooooooooo much BETTER!

  • BrokenOgreSA

    there are a couple of things that make me think fake here,

    1) you have the RP logo which people ahve pointed out.

    2) in the rogue legacy picture you got the trophy for being the maya when you are in the forest. unless they changed how long trophies stay up, it is extremely UNLIKELY that the trophy is still going to be on screen by that point.although not completely impossible if warps are used.

    3) in picture number 3 of the main menu where Killzone is the focal point, the game art for infamous and battlefield 4 have both changed (second son looks to be a picture of the box art and you can see the feet of the soldier in the BF4 picture.

    At worst these are fake, at best these are mock ups to show off what the firmware could look like. Also Picture 3 of the main menu the box art on the far right seems to be a picture of the cover of the FEZ soundtrack. if these are legit, it would seem to support MP3 playback and the ability to pin albums onto the main screen


      I truly hope you are right about the MP3 playback abilities…..

      • BrokenOgreSA

        I hope MP3 playback comes too but it seems very likely that these pictures are fake

  • Miguel Locutus Borg

    Folders. Thanks a god hahahahaha

  • Tyler

    Finally Folders

  • nwts

    might be fake, but we shall see

  • http://bu3ouf91.tumblr.com/ Vincent

    Even better 😀

  • Christian Jones

    Even the images might be fake, it’s still looks clean

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