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Watch Dogs new details revealed, 9 minutes gameplay video with a lot of new info inside

Updates: New 9 minutes gameplay videos released: More Details from NeoGAF: - You have your own apartment in the city with a wardrobe, bed etc. It's kinda similar to the buildings you have in GTA games - When you hack someones phone, you can hack their bank account but you can also steal their car registry information and then you get their car delivered to you. - When you hack certain NPCs, you'll find out ...

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New Watch Dogs screenshots released, Showcasing Seven different Clothes for Aiden

We expect today tons of new details about Ubisoft's upcoming "Watch Dogs", Today starts the Watch Dogs week, And here we go with the second batch of screenshots and artworks, but this time its different. The new screenshots not for the city, not for some cars and shooting, its about Aiden clothes, showcasing seven different clothes for the main character in the game Aiden Pearce. Source: NeoGAF ...

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Call of Duty 2014 – First Image for in-game character revealed

The first image for Sledgehammer Games 's upcoming Call  Of Duty game has been revealed during GDC this year according to IGN, The first image of the game featuring a high detailed in-game character, I mean look at the graphics its almost a real image for a real person. Enjoy the first glimpse of the next COD, which will be available later this year, more details and "a lot" of details coming at E3. ...

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Watch Dogs Gets New Breathtaking Screenshots and Artworks

Set of new "breathtaking" screenshots and Artworks have revealed today for Watch Dogs, The new screenshots posted on NeoGAF during the media coverage of  the game which will start tomorrow April 23. According to the report, "The media in Europe is posting this images as new today". So, starting tomorrow we expect a lot of new details, gameplay, Q&A and more, stay tuned. ...

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GRID: Autosport officially announced, Coming in June, First trailer inside

Codemasters has officially announced its new racing video game "GRID: Autosport", GRID: Autosport will be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in June 27. Its a little disappointment for the next-gen players, When Codemasters teased the game last week, everyone expected that it will be a nex-gen Grid, but here we are. According to NeoGAF’s ‘CodiesLoore‘ (a Codemasters employee) he explained why the game is no ...

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The Conjuring House announced, New Paranormal Horror game coming to PC

RYM GAMES has announced it new and the first Paranormal Horror title "The Conjuring House", RYM GAMES team claimed that they are a former developers from Ubisoft, and they are worked on multiple titles such as Prince of Persia and Rayman. The Conjuring House takes place in an abandoned house and yet not .. Unoccupied, so the player should face a series of paranormal and unexplainable events, and confront th ...

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PS4 – dev kit system screenshots for the update 1.72

Note: This is a Testing Kit for PS4 not a Dev Kit, Thanks to NetYaroze_PAL Here is some screenshots for the PS4 dev kit system update 1.72, the new screenshots uploaded by ControllerMartin on Reddit. In other news, Sony has announced yesterday that a major update for the PS4 is coming soon and will bring a lot of new features to the console. Enjoy the screens: ...

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The Evil Within gets new scary screenshots featuring a huge beast getting out of the water

Bethesda has released batch of new screenshots for its upcoming horror title The Evil Within, One of the new screenshots featuring a huge beast getting out of the water and the other screen showcasing a man with a locker on his head, and you can discover the other two. The Evil Within will be available for Xbox one, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC in August 26. ...

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