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Grand Theft Auto 5 :Characters,Customisation,Skills and more… | Preview Reviewed by Momizat on . Here it is, GTA V is finally revealed coming with many features and three new "playable" characters Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. The game made in Los Santos c Here it is, GTA V is finally revealed coming with many features and three new "playable" characters Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. The game made in Los Santos c Rating: 0
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Grand Theft Auto 5 :Characters,Customisation,Skills and more… | Preview

Grand Theft Auto 5 :Characters,Customisation,Skills and more… | Preview

Here it is, GTA V is finally revealed coming with many features and three new “playable” characters Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. The game made in Los Santos city , Los Santos was first introduced to players in 2004’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. So what has changed in the last nine years? So let s discuss it on this preview, Enjoy.


Three Main “Playable” Characters:

For the first time on this series, GTAV gives us a chance to play with three different characters ,Trevor, the mildly psychopathic ex-military pilot, lives in a trailer among the bikers and meth dealers of Blaine County, Michael, a very rich man and a former bank robber from the East Coast living under a witness protection program, and Franklin, From South Los Santos, an ex-street gangster.

Each of this three main characters will feature their own unique “Special Skills”, including having the power to slow down time or cause extra damage.

Michael, the former bank robber, is able to slow down time while engaged in a gunfight, similar to Red Dead Redemption’s “Dead Eye” mechanic or Max Payne 3′ s “Bullet time” mechanic. Franklin, the  ex-street gangster, can also slow time while driving, letting players react quickly to hazards and navigate traffic. And Trevor, the sociopath ex-army pilot, is able to temporarily make extra damage to the enemy and take less damage when injured and adding the “Frenzy mode”.

Player will be able to switch between this three characters when off-mission ,and they could be doing one of any number of things. Franklin kicks off our demo 1000 feet up in the Blaine County sky, ready to jump out of a helicopter. Michael is stepping out of the Von Crastenburg hotel in Vinewood in the early evening. Trevor, meanwhile, is just waking up with bottle of whisky in hand, wearing nothing but his underwear. In addition to yoga, skydiving and scuba diving, players will also be able participate in the following activities, according to reps: golf, tennis triathlons, bike races, picking up hitchhikers, base jumping and ATM robberies.

Mechanics from previous GTA games have also been re-introduced for GTA 5, including San Andreas’ skill system and Vice City’s property acquisition.


Cars ,Weapons and Characters Customisation:

You can buy new clothes for your characters, treat them to haircuts and take them to the tattoo parlor for that extra-personal finish.

You can modify your car like new paintjobs, wheels, window tints, grills and spoilers, plus performance upgrades to the suspension, engine, brakes and more like every racing game exp: “Need For Speed”

Weapons, finally, can be customised so you can add silencers, scopes, extended mags, laser sights and many more.


What Between GTAV & Max Payne 3:

As we noticed you yesterday about a relation between GTAV and Max Payne 3 ,In Michael’ s trailer we see a guy getting shot by a sniper ,as he is hit, the bullet passes through him and we see an exit wound,if you remember we have seen it many times in Max Payne 3 so maybe Rockstar using the bullet Mechanic from Max Payne 3 in Grand Theft Auto V to an extent.

There is also a “sound cone” showing how much noise you make, which attracts enemy attention.

The feel of targeting, firing and entering cover has been completely reworked and should feel closer to that of Max Payne 3.


Money, Money and Money:

According to GameInformer Rockstar said that money would play a central role in Grand Theft Auto V. We knew pulling off heists could result in big payoffs, but details were still sketchy regarding what we could spend that money on. Now you can spend your money to customise your cars and weapons and character’ s look. And you can invest heavily in business .

So make enough cash and you can spend it on new houses, garages, nightclubs,marinas, helipads (a prerequisite for owning a chopper), and even businesses. Several of these investments have perks. For instance, if you throw your money behind a taxi business, you won’t have to spend a dime on cabs ever again.


The Underwater World:

Scuba Diving has been confirmed in the last trailer released by Rockstar ,as big as the map is on dry land, it’s far bigger when you take into account that aqueous locations are also available to be explored at will. Not only can you can swim like GTA IV, but you can don SCUBA gear and go underwater and explore it.


Biggest Open World Game Ever:

GTA 5’s map is three and a half times the size of that of Red Dead Redemption, and the actual playable area (which includes underwater areas) is five times as large.

Franklin alone has more textures than the entire pedestrian population of GTA: San Andreas. GTA 5 offers the largest selection of vehicles as we found more than 80 vehicle when we analyzed the trailers .


And that s all ,hope you enjoyed that preview ,as we know Rockstar has confirmed a delayed GTA V release date of September 17 on Xbox 360 and PS3 and still no news about PC version.

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  • Joey Joe-Joe Junior Shabadoo

    The only significant complaint of GTAIV that was remotely fair was that there wasn’t enough to do with your money. I think it was designed to be more useful but they had to cut some things. It does fit the game thematically though.

    I’m glad to see they’ve put more depth of economy but I’m a little worried they’ve succumbed to listening to all of those who criticised GTAIV for being too serious. If you want a shallow, puerile, mindless fun, mayhem simulator, then there are many of them out there for you. But for those of us who like deeper games that are an adventure in human culture there are very few of them. It looks like it might be too over the top and thus the value as social commentary is lessened.

    In many ways GTAV cannot live up to GTAIV. For example the in game internet was an amazing parody that covered pretty much everything on the internet. They can’t really do that again without retreading the same ground. Are they going to do the comedy club again? The TV shows? Will a lot of character development and backstory be exposed during nights out with friends/girls or has that feature been cut because some people didn’t like it? How will all of this possibly fit on a single DVD9 without cutting lots of things?

    GTAIV already had this 3 overlapping characters thing but as DLC, does this mean there wont be any good DLC this time since it’s built in? The best idea in my opinion would be to release DLC in the style of other Rockstar games. You could have a police campaign using LA Noire gameplay, a Midnight Club expansion with the GTAV map, and something similar to Bully. I don’t think RDR has any relevance. Other than that, the biggest improvement they could make would be to expand the radio stations and allow you to listen to them outside of your vehicle. Especially important for the underwater stuff which looks quite boring to me.

    • bigbud jake

      ^^ shut up will u go play saints row that won’t bore you winey bitch

  • poppy-satin-tangas

    who cares about all dis boren c**p wen CoD is comin out? seriesly why play games dat r soooo long and boren? just wanna jump in an start shooten noobs without haven to watch 50 hours of cut seenes. u got you ps3s for dat lame s**t.

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