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GTA 5 Characters Trailers – What Did You Miss? Reviewed by Momizat on . We dive into the three latest trailers released by Rockstar for GTA 5 to find out the secrets you might have missed. So, Rockstar's release three new trailers f We dive into the three latest trailers released by Rockstar for GTA 5 to find out the secrets you might have missed. So, Rockstar's release three new trailers f Rating: 0
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GTA 5 Characters Trailers – What Did You Miss?

GTA 5 Characters Trailers – What Did You Miss?

We dive into the three latest trailers released by Rockstar for GTA 5 to find out the secrets you might have missed.

So, Rockstar’s release three new trailers for GTA 5. You probably saw that though, right?

If not, make sure you watch the three new GTA 5 trailers right now. It’s for your own good.

But what kind of secrets is hidden within the GTA 5 trailer? What kind of things could you have missed? We dive in to each to find out.

GTA 5: Franklin’s Trailer Analysed

Franklin’s trailer had a very San Andreas vibe to it, talking of gangbangers, families and making some paper. Anyone who enjoyed San Andreas will almost certainly enjoy Franklin’s GTA 5 trailer.

  • Early on in the video you can spot a blimp floating in the sky – as with a lot in this trailer analysis it’ll be hard to know if it’s cut-scene specific, but perhaps controllable blimps? That’ll be a GTA first.
  • The gang that Franklin is interacting with is wearing green, the infamous colours of the Grove Street gang that CJ belonged to in San Andreas… is there a reference here?
  • In fact, if you look closely during this section where man in the gang wearing a dark grey t-shirt says “oh my bad mister gold card”, behind this guy is a graffiti tag with ‘Grove’ written on the wall.
  • Additionally, some of the rival gangs spotted in the trailer are wearing purple coloured clothes – again suggesting a reference to the Ballas, the primary rival gang of Grove Street in San Andreas.
  • According to this video there’s a more realistic physics system in place for how NPCs react in car collisions. Though it could be part of a cut-scene, a police officer seems to roll out of a police car after it hits another vehicle.
  • Franklin’s clothing changes throughout the trailer, suggesting customisable clothing will once again be returning. This includes a variety of shirts and tops, as well as sunglasses. He even has studs in his eyes, suggesting an even more finite level of detail than in any previous GTA game.
  • Franklin fires a shotgun with a flashlight attachment, suggesting – as was previously rumoured – that weapons will have customisable parts.
  • During Franklin’s video there’s a couple of first person sections, one inside a police helicopter and another on the bonnet of a car during the chase. It looks like gameplay too, rather than cut-scene, so likely that first-person view has been included into GTA 5.
  • Franklin is largely seen in the rundown hoods, representative of perhaps one third of GTA 5’s locations.

GTA 5: Michael’s Trailer Analysed

  • Michael’s son is spotted playing videogames and talking on a headset, suggesting that the leaked casted call from many months ago was correct.
  • Yoga has been said to be an activity you can undertake when playing as Michael, and this trailer shows someone taking part in the exercise.
  • The possibility of destructible environments is teased during a section where a large truck smashes through a wall. While it could be a cut-scene, this could also be part of smaller structures (don’t expect to destroy buildings).
  • New melee animations suggest the previously revealed information that GTA 5 could have an improved melee combat system. He also seems to use an item as part of the combat, but whether this is dynamic or a cut-scene it’s not yet clear.
  • There’s also a tease of the ‘much improved driving handling’ that had been discussed when the first GTA 5 details were revealed. During a chase (with a plane, no less) Michael manages to spin the car to avoid an explosion, reverse at the same speed and then spin the car around again – Vice City levels of handling perhaps?
  • Michael is seen primarily in the wealthier Vinewood area, the richer part of Los Santos and designed to represent Beverly Hills.

GTA 5: Trevor’s Trailer Analysed


  • Trevor is seen primarily in the dusty outback of Los Santos. This is a little more interesting than the other two and their locations since this area was already discussed by Rockstar, but it hadn’t been seen before. It’s very reminiscent of the Bone County area of San Andreas.
  • A towable carriage is seen attached to a pickup truck. The reason for this carriage, whether there will be more and whether it can be detached is not yet known.
  • A tractor is seen following Trevor’s pickup truck. It’s not quite as fun as the combine harvester played in San Andreas, but it’s a new vehicle all the same.
  • This could just be part of a cut-scene, but Trevor is spotted lying on his back on the wing of a plane shooting a rifle. As fun as that sounds, it could also suggest elements of Max Payne 3’s prone shooting has carried over into GTA 5.
  • Trevor also kicks someone out of a helicopter while its in the air. It’s not clear how he got to be in the air while he did it, but this might suggest that this new action can be carried out by anyone playing the game. We hope so, anyway.
  • Trains are confirmed too, since Trevor drives a car into one. The train in question looks more like a freight train than a passenger train, suggesting that this transportation could be more varied than ever.
  • The TV is spotted showing a Sprunk advert towards the end of Trevor’s trailer. It’s not necessarily confirmation of anything, but that could mean that the ability to watch TV will return.

Source: nowgamer

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