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  • Walter Measday

    I still have my fingers crossed that they were just referring to the lack of co-op. I really don’t see a reason why this game can’t have a competitive MP. The Last of Us had one, and it turned out to be amazing.

    • Hip2Bsquare

      Exactly my thoughts, I’m hoping for multiplayer still and that they were just talking co-op, but it’s probably no multiplayer which is a huge blow against the game :(

    • jakdripr

      You know, we could wait until we have an idea on how this game is going to play before we start panicking. I mean other than the fact that it’s played in the third person we don’t even know what genre this game is yet. For all we know it could be an open world game with 50+ hours of gameplay, in which case it won’t really need multiplayer, or it could be a third person shooter with a 4 hour campaign, point is we don’t know yet. No use comparing it to a game it might have nothing in common with come launch.

    • SiliconNooB

      It doesn’t need multiplayer and wasn’t designed with multiplayer in mind.

      The is nothing more obnoxious than tacked on multiplayer.

  • Kamille

    now that are forced to pay to play online most Sony games don’t even have an online component. And let’s be real… Many people will beat The Order in like 5 hours and not touch it again. $60 is just too much for games like these.

    • nowitzki41

      every ps4 game i own has MP. killzone, cod, assassins creed, madden. what are you talking about

    • Hip2Bsquare

      I agree unless it’s a 30plus hour game, without multiplayer it’s not worth $60 but I’ll still buy it as not much else I’m looking forward to. The Order is THE reason I bought a ps4 after all.

      • bigshynepo

        So are you saying the $60 game price is only justified when the game comes with a robust multiplayer mode or dozens of hours of unrepeated playtime?
        Many classic games of the past would never have met your lofty standards.
        Multiplayer has just become a way to extend revenues for publishers in the form of paid DLC, most games aren’t defined by their multiplayer (like AC:BF) and I would rather more time spent on the single player than tacked on, sell out multiplayer.

        • lester perdomo

          classic games of the past werent 59.99 there also wasnt any internet ,….but most every game was 2 players and up at least

          • bigshynepo

            Half-Life 2 can be passed in less than 10 hours and didn’t ship with any multiplayer…
            Many Lucasarts games fit into this category as well.
            Many classic NES games used to retail for higher than $69.99 (SMB3) and almost all could be passed in under 30 hours.
            Just saying, historically, multiplayer or extreme game length haven’t been required for quality games worth your money.
            Look at how fast you can pass Black Flag if you aren’t running around collecting everything, without touching multiplayer, it was still one heck of a game.

          • lester perdomo

            its just my own opinion …i hate the assasins creed series, but i have friends that really liked black flag.

      • lester perdomo

        even still , look at the new grand theft auto 60+ hour game

        and a great mp mode.

    • lester perdomo


      i just bought a ps4 for infamous , now im reading theres no mp , and now thisgame which is supposed to be great also no mp modes …wtf

      thank god i have titanfall preordered…..

      • bigshynepo

        So a game with no single player and a fairly repetitive multiplayer is worth your $60 but a game with a deep story and a 15-20 hour play time isn’t?

        I still think Warhawk provided a much faster pace and more rewarding experience for an entirely online game than anything in the last or current generations. If you have a playstation 3, try warhawk, tons of strategy, replay value and very exciting. Just not sure how many people are online these days anymore…

        • lester perdomo


          i have battlefield 4 ….played one hour of the campaign and about 90+ hours of the mp …

          i played warhawk on ps3 day one.

          i thought it was a huge mess of a game barely anyone spoke on mics …the game itself wasnt fun for the most part.

          gears of war is a good example the campaign was amazing and playable in co-op mode …and the mulitplayer was insanely fun.

    • Austin McDowell

      Forced? Nobody is forcing you to do shit, dummy.

  • Escopablobar

    Hallelujah! This game won’t need it. Once we get 10+ hours of gameplay I think that should more than suffice. I am happy they didn’t tack on MP for the sake of checking a box that dosen’t need to be checked. I love SP experiences and occasional co-op. I am impressed that they have chosen to buck this horrible trend and instead focused on the narrative. I applaud both Sony and RAD.

    • barackshobama

      A 10 hour campaign for a singleplayer only game is not worth $60. It’s a Gamefly rental at best.

      • Escopablobar

        I said 10+. We’ll have to wait and see. Information is forthcoming. The Last of Us’s campaign wasn’t much longer than that. I never played the MP and came away more than satisfied with my purchase. One man’s rental is another man’s day one purchase. MP or the lack thereof has never influenced my interest in a game.

    • Hip2Bsquare

      You can tell all his from the 0 gameplay footage we have seen? Yeah thought so..

      • Escopablobar

        What? I can tell all of what? Whatever man. I will always argue that narrative and the SP experience are the most important aspects of a game. I know I make some assumptions about play length but your response doesn’t make any sense…at all.

        • Hip2Bsquare

          U can tell that the game won’t need multiplayer…..as in yeah u can tell alright by the 0 footage you’ve seen, as in you can’t tell..learn to read.

          • bigshynepo

            For all the games that have online multiplayer modes, very few are defined by it.
            Multiplayer modes have become a vehicle for companies to increase DLC revenue and I’m glad multiplayer won’t be tacked on to a game that it isn’t a prerequisite for.
            Looking forward to The Order more than just about anything right now, besides South Park.

          • Escopablobar

            ? Please learn to recognize opinion over stated fact. I am in no position to state facts regarding quality or un/necessary modes in this game but I can state my opinion. I do not believe the game needs multiplayer. I don’t need to see footage to come to this belief. Let’s say the game’s single player is short of excellent or lackluster. Tacking on multiplayer, IN MY OPINION, will not add value or positively affect the perceived quality in MY EYES.

            Thanks for the closing piece of advice. My advice to you is to learn to make sense.

          • Hip2Bsquare

            Lol, take a look at your first post, never do you say your opinion, you say it as fact, but nice try back pedaling. You fail and continue to fail, now I’m done with you.

          • Escopablobar

            Ok. I will make this my last response as well. Read what I say carefully. I CANNOT assert any statement commenting on quality pre or post launch regarding the inclusion or exclusion of a game mode as fact. Quality is subjective and perceived. I can say burgers are better without pickles or The Order does not need MP to be compelling. These are both opinions. I shouldn’t have had to preface what I said with “in my opinion” for anyone to realize that.

          • Escopablobar

            Ok. I will make this my last response as well. Read what I say carefully. I CANNOT assert any statement commenting on quality pre or post launch regarding the inclusion or exclusion of a game mode as fact. Quality is subjective and perceived. I can say burgers are better without pickles or The Order does not need MP to be compelling. These are both opinions. I shouldn’t have had to preface what I said with “in my opinion” for anyone to realize that.

  • Hip2Bsquare

    Ugh seriously?! No multiplayer :( first infamous SS and now The Order, my most wanted next gen game..such a disappointment. This really puts a damper in my hype for the game, I’ll still buy it but I am very displeased.

    • Austin McDowell

      Then go back to playing Cod if you want dumb multiplayer then.

      • Hip2Bsquare

        Lol mature response. I want my nextgen games to have multiplayer, god forbid I am mad one of our feature ps4 exclusives is only single player, no way can anyone talk bad about a sony game or console…grow up troll.

  • datdude

    I could care less about multiplayer. I play games primarily for the story. The best games of the last generation to me include games like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Mass Effect, MGSV, etc. etc. and I loved those games for the single player, not the multiplayer component. Multiplayer is a tack on for me. Something I may touch, but in many games I buy, I don’t even play it. I didn’t play the multiplayer component of The Last of Us at all, though I hear it’s phenomenal. I hardly touched the Mass Effect multiplayer either. I have a life. I like to sit down and enjoy a half hour to an hour of gameplay when I can, come back another day and continue the story/journey. I don’t have five or six hours a day/night to grind away trying to rank up to get some silly attachment or perk that should have been made available from the get go. No thanks. You can keep your cheaters, glitchers, lagging, host advantage, tommy toughguy types you find in online play. I don’t need it.

    • Kenshi Ryden

      Totally agree… but you “COULDN’T” care less. “Could” care less means that you’re fine with it. “Couldn’t” care less means you resent it so much you don’t care at all.

      Goddamnit I don’t understand how this erroneous form has become so widespread.

      • datdude

        I type 80+ words per minute yet even still my fingers sometimes lag behind my thoughts. It was a typo, nothing more my friend. Settle down.

        • Kenshi Ryden

          No, that’s cool! Good to know it was a typo. Have a goodun.

    • lester perdomo

      the games you mentioned had multiplayer. tho.

      mass effect had a 4 player online co-op mode also.

      • datdude

        Did you read my comment?

  • Farhati


  • John

    Why is this shocking?! I personally am VERY glad this game doesn’t have multiplayer!! That means they can focus on the single player more – not all games need MP, especially games like this one!

    • hesoyamdonMonster

      atleast offline split screen co-op will be nice

    • BalramRules

      Not all games need multiplayer, especially those like inFamous and so forth.
      Though in shooting games, it makes sense to have multiplayer, I was kind of looking forward to it, but hey, they can always put it in its sequel *cough* Uncharted 2 *cough*

  • lester perdomo

    just seems like all these great titles are missing mulitplayer (order 1886 & infamous ss)…its 2014 most the games me and all my friends play is due to the fact its got multplayer which extends the replay value.

    single player only games are basically good rentals imo

  • MasterDay

    And 30fps remember…Ps4 at 30fps?? OMG

  • Zohak Diaz


    • lester perdomo

      i own both consoles …but this shit was funny

    • Austin McDowell

      I’m assuming you weren’t born during the time when singleplayer made videogames good. Retard.

      • Zohak Diaz

        As much as i enjoyed growing up with amazing titles in the 90s and the beginning of the millennium, Multiplayes has change the way we play and enjoy video games. Competition is something that every gamer experience making it more fun and an overall satisfying experience. Why limit a great looking game like the Order to just single player? I dont understand that. That game had a lot of potential for Multiplayer.

        • You are flat out wrong

          lmao. No one cares about multiplayer, Zohan.

    • hakesterman_the_Fool

      So, do you lube up the Xbone controller before it goes in, or do you just have natural Xbot juices to make it slide right in.

      • Zohak Diaz


  • Stu

    Hopefully this is the start of a new trend were the industry embraces deep, refined single-player experiences. For too long, single-player campaigns have been mediocre, supplemented by a multi-player component that is very often dead on arrival, or at best, retains a player base for no more than a month or two.

    Future multi-player focused games like Destiny and Driveclub will require huge amounts of time to be invested to get the most out of them, we need other games to offer great single-player experiences too.

    RAD can focus all of their resources on a stunning single-player experience, which if it delivers, will result in sequels, sequels that will offer new features, perhaps even multi-player. What we don’t want is a mediocre game that kills the series stone dead, multi-player or no multi-player, not one would be playing then.

  • http://photovoltaik.bandcamp.com/ Ujn Hunter

    Good. Why does every game need the same Deathmatch MP tacked onto it?

  • Geordi Laforge
  • Johannna_L

    Tomb raider, the last of us, far cry 3, ac4, gta 5 etc all had multi player but who talks about them? Nobody thats who because nobody wants to play them. Instead studios could have saved money but not making MP at all or improving the single player experience even more. No save multiplayer for the likes of left for dead, kill zone, call of duty, destiny and the battlefield where Multiplayer actually belongs.

    • Drake Rockington

      Well, people did talk about Last of Us & GTA5’s multiplayer because it was actually good. Tomb Raider’s mp was garbage, Farcry 3’s was fun but no one played it, & Assassin’s Creed 4 goes unnoticed because the past 4 games had multiplayer that is exactly the same.

      • Johannna_L

        You sure about GTA 5 Online? Most articles that I have read about it is bashing its online features or lack of them. The last of us MP was never popular here in Europe as it was soon discovered to have been censored heavily by SCEE to please Germany. If the heavy cuts made the MP such s lackluster experience or not remains to be seen as Naughty Dog needs to release an Euro patch (Minus Germany) so we can all see how it was intended to be played. But I prefer games that have a great online Co-op like EXTINCTION in COD:Ghosts, now thats great and fun. Four players vs hordes of evil aliens and its not about killing others online. And as odd as it may sound I dont like killing other online people but I can give them one helluva beating in Tekken series but a beating is not the same as killing.

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