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Splinter Cell Blacklist Preview Reviewed by Momizat on . When notified in mind about any spying games , comes in mind Firstly METAL GEAR SOLID and its hero "Snake", But most gamers do not just want a single game to ma When notified in mind about any spying games , comes in mind Firstly METAL GEAR SOLID and its hero "Snake", But most gamers do not just want a single game to ma Rating: 0
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Splinter Cell Blacklist Preview

Splinter Cell Blacklist Preview

When notified in mind about any spying games , comes in mind Firstly METAL GEAR SOLID and its hero “Snake”, But most gamers do not just want a single game to made their passion by playing and enjoying,but they still looking for a new game until Splinter cell’ s first part released in 2002 which have a new method of spying games, Splinter Cell achieved great successes since it have been released till our day.So what s new in this part? let’s discover


After the dramatic events in the previous part ‘Conviction’,The President of the United States of America force to close the Task Third Echelon which proved corruption and stop all their activities and operations ,And Form a new organization calls it Fourth Echelon consists of a team of the finest operatives in the world and that they can work in different environments of the world,Of course, our usual hero ‘Sam Fisher’ is the leader of this organization and as we know, his mission is to fight against terrorism.

It seems that the threat will be a major challenge for our hero, where comes a group of 12 terrorists and launch a very serious threat to the United States named Blacklist and it’ s a countdown to terrorist attacks consecutive on the United States, so ‘ Fisher ‘and his team stopped and arrested them before it reaches the countdown to zero …


Of course there will be a well-known personalities such as Grim and the appearance of some new characters such as Isaac Briggs and Charlie Cole, one of the most prominent and the most important features of the new way of playing in this part is the possibility of playing three different methodsÙˆ There is method ‘Panther’, which the player can hide in the shadows to kill them silently, through the ‘Mark and Execute’ feature, which has become more smooth where you can shooting in motion and there is no need anymore to hide and shoot only, and will be able to throw them from high places …

Fighting style was developed more streamlined Sam will be able to eliminate his enemies in new ways, such as jumping from the top through the “Zipline”, a rope is uses by Sam to slip on the way(Very similar to the same movement in the Assassin’s Creed and recent Tomb Raider ), at the end of each stage you will get a number of points to your chosen style of playing …


We come to the other two methods of playing styles, there is a method “Assault” and that his name is clear to us that you can get up and kill your enemies ,and there is no need to hide also, I think Thus style loses the game’s beauty , but it is available to you.

The latest method is in my opinion the most difficult of the three methods is a method “Ghost”, so that only spying and hiding and waiting for the right opportunity to move between the shadows, At the end of each stage, you’ll get a bonus based on the style you play,Money will be available you can modify the character of Sam and the tools as appropriate, for example:Players who will be playing in manner “Ghost” Will upgrade their radars and spy gadgets then after the development and purchase of new equipment will not only be able to know the places of the enemy but also to know which direction they’re going to, While the players who will be playing manner Assault would be interested, of course, update their weapons, while the method Panther players are interested in updating their equipment.


You can at any level,Restart the level with any manner you want or change the difficulty of the selected stage to add more challenging and more fun to playing,Where attention was paid to the level of difficulty even more this time, You will have a strategy map for each existing mission, Not just solo missions, but you can play online missions with a friend if you found a vacant place to join, And will count that you completed a mission in solo playing.And do not forget the feature that will be specifically for the XBOX360 players, where players will be able to use Kinect to say some words to distract the mind of the enemy to be able to eliminate it smoothly and easily.


Also a collective style of play will be available and also as promised the game designer “Maxime Beland” that level “Spy vs.Mercs” of old parts will return to this part. The game will be release on 20, 22 and 23 of August for America, Australia and Europe respectively, and will be available on PS3 ,XBOX360 ,Wii U and PC.

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