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A free content will roll out for Sniper Elite 3 tomorrow

A host of new and free content will roll out for Sniper Elite 3 tomorrow, Rebellion has announced. Leading the way is a new Shooting Range single-player mode."It might sound funny for something that sounds so simple, but the Shooting Range is actually one of the most beautiful environments.ย The Shooting Range gives players the ability to try out all premium weapon DLC for free. Three brand new multiplayer m ...

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Sniper Elite 3 will have a 10 GB day one patch on Xbox One

Prepare your self to download 31 GB when Sniper Elite 3 release, According to a new report by Eurogamer, The game has a 10 GB day one patch. The game size will be 21 GB and 14 GB will be replaced with the day one patch and the whole game size will be reduced to 19 GB. Rebellion explained to Eurogamer that "The main part of the update is to sync data between the game's retail discs and the Xbox Live digital ...

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New Sniper Elite 3 interactive gameplay trailer showcasing three ways to attack

Rebellion and 505 Games have released a brand new interactive gameplay trailer for Sniper Elite 3 showcases three different strategy to attack. Also the new trailer featuring an exclusive look at a new level based in the German occupied town of Siwa. "Somewhere inside the crumbling ruins is the intelligence youโ€™re looking for.ย ย  You have to get inside ... And a sniper like you always has plenty of options.ย  ...

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Sniper Elite 3 Collector’s Edition Detailed, Box Art revealed

505 Games has announced today the release date for Sniper Elite 3 as June 27 on PC and July 1 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The company has also detailed the Collector's Edition which will be available only on PS4 and Xbox One. The Collector's Edition Includes: Sniper Elite 3 Limited Edition Ammo Tin Box Collectible Playing Cards Bullet-shaped Torch Pen Dossier Dog Tag Sniper Shooting Range Target 3 E ...

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Sniper Elite 3 release date set for June 27, Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

505 Games has officially announced today that Sniper Elite 3 will release at retail in North America on July 1, 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox360, PS4 and PS3. The game will also release digitally on July 1 Xbox One, Xbox360, PS4 and PS3. The PC version, which is being self-published by Rebellion, will release on June 27. Pre-order customers will also receive access to an exclusive 'Hunt The Grey Wolf' mission: "S ...

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Sniper Elite 3 – Five minutes gameplay trailer with new screenshots released

505 Games has released set of new screenshots for Sniper Elite 3, The new screenshots showcasing the main player in a different combat mode. VG247 has also uploaded a five minutes gameplay video for the game: The game coming to Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2014. ...

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Sniper Elite 3 coming to current and next gen in 2014, First trailer revealed

505 Games has revealed the first trailer for Sniper Elite 3, American OSS Agent Karl Fairburne is back in action! Check him out in the first footage of Sniper Elite 3. He is still behind enemy lines in World War II however, this time, he is deep in the exotic and deadly terrain of North Africa where his crucial sharpshooting skills are needed to help the Allies battle Germany's fearsome Tiger tanks. This la ...

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Sniper Elite 3 Announced, Coming To Next-Gen, Current-Gen & PC

Sniper Elite 3 is official and is set for ALL the consoles. Except Wii U. 505 Games has announced Sniper Elite 3, headed for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and next-gen consoles in 2014. 505 Games will be publishing the games on each of the consoles, but Rebellion will be self-publishing the game on PC. Sniper Elite 3 will continue to story of Karl Fairburne - the main character of Sniper Elite V2 - and will focus on a ...

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