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More Battlefield 4 PS4 and Xbox 720 story details revealed by Electronic Arts

More story details have been revealed for the forthcoming “Battlefield 4,” which is expected to come out for the PS4 and Xbox 720. According to a report by MP1st on May 12, Electronic Arts revealed in a recent survey that the campaign mode of the first-person shooter will begin with the evacuation of VIPs from the city of Shanghai. The story focuses on the trails and tribulations of a squad trying to find t ...

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Rumor: Next-gen Xbox will not block used games

Michael Pachter, an analyst from Wedbush Securities, does not believe that Microsoft will have their next console, code-named "Durango," block used games due to the fact that he doesn't "think Microsoft has the balls to block used games." The view was expressed via, which posted the comments yesterday. DRM has been a touchy issue to many games due to debacles like the recently released SimCity fr ...

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Project CARS: NextGen versions to follow when funding is secured

The ambitious racing simulation "Project CARS" is being developed at EA Studios exclusively for the current gaming platforms, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC and will be released next year. Also a PS4 and the next Xbox version will be release when the funding is secured. The creative director Andy Tudor confirmed it in a recent interview with : Q: We know Project CARS is coming to PC and c ...

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Assassin’s Creed 4 PS4 and Xbox 720 graphics engine modifications revealed

Jean Guesdon has revealed some details in regards to the Anvil Engine for the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.” In an interview with OXM on May 2, the creative director revealed that they are modifying the aforementioned game engine in order to take advantage of the increased graphics powers of the PS4 and Xbox 720. In addition to the PS4 and Xbox 720, the Anvil Engine for ...

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Will the Next Xbox Be Called Fusion?

Microsoft has registered multiple domains related to the term Xbox Fusion. Spotted by Fusible, Microsoft picked up,,, and, among others. Also this new domains redirect us to the official XBOX website so i think we found the new Xbox name :) For now, nothing is certain, but we’ll certainly find out more when Microsoft reveals its new ...

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Next-Xbox reveal set for May 21 in Redmond, Washington

Microsoft is ready to send out invites for its next Xbox console, according and image which appears to be an RSVP. Furthermore, Major Nelson has confirmed the matter. The invite states that the unveiling of a “new generation” will take place on May 21 in Redmond, Washington at 10am. Major Nelson said in his post that a “new generation of games, TV and entertainment” will be revealed. A special press event o ...

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Are GTA V coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720?

Take Two Company (publisher of GTA V) Will be held its financial conference next May 16 to detect the company's financial results that ending on March 31, 2013. The reports said that the company may announce GTA V version of PS4 and Xbox 720. This conclusion comes after several previously conferences carried out by the company led to the announcement of more details about GTA games as well as the company's ...

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Xbox 720 not always-online, runs on full Windows 8 – inside source claims

Xbox 720 will not require an online connection to function, the recent round of VGLeaks specs were correct and Kinect 2.0 is a thing. That’s the claim of an alleged Microsoft insider working in software, who has spilled plenty of fresh information online. The source posted everything he or she claims to know in a Pastebin post addressed to NeoGAF member Chesemeister. Although the post does not give away his ...

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Alternate ‘Battlefield 4’ PS4 and Xbox 720 multiplayer beta method confirmed,New Screenshots

Electronic Arts has confirmed an alternate method to obtaining the multiplayer beta for the multiplatform video game, “Battlefield 4,” which will be released for the PS4 and Xbox 720. According to a report by Pixel Judge on April 12, the final video was recently released for premium members of “Battlefield 3.” The footage confirms that all owners of “Battlefield 3: Premium Edition” will be able to access th ...

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